Brighton Dog Walker Service

In my opinion exercise for the dogs is really important. A fit dog is a happy and healthy dog. With regular exercise dogs can be brought up to the right levels of fitness and weight and that’s where my Brighton dog walker service comes in!

It is lovely to see the dogs waiting at the window for me

  • I’ll walk all breeds
  • Individual or pack walks
  • I’ll tailor walks for each dog
  • I’ll guarantee walk times
  • I’m CRB checked
  • I have a caged van
  • I’m fully insured and
  • I’m competitively priced


My reward is hearing the owners tell me how their dogs are so much happier and fitter

Brighton dog walker ‘walk’ details

Each dog walking session I run lasts a whole hour starting when we leave the van. During that time we’ll walk on average between 2 and 3 miles. I watch all the dogs to make sure they’re not being pushed too hard and that they exercise within their comfort zones.
I do not do large pack walks, therefore the dogs spend a minimal time in transit from pickup to location.
I try to organise dog walking sessions by ability so that dogs of similiar fitness levels exercise together. And as featured in my welcome video I also accept dogs with special needs.

In a 2010 study on canine obesity, only 35% of dogs were thought to be “normal” weight. Of the remainder, 5% were underweight and a full 60% were classified as overweight or obese.  Eating a good diet  – healthy appropriate diet and smaller frequent meals – is half of the solution. Exercise and being more active are equally important.

If you’re worried about your dog starting an excercise routine then your veterinarian will be able assess body condition and overall health and will be able to advise a safe work out programme for your pet.  Here are some tips to get your pets moving and exercising safely.  Dog walking, get a dog walker if you’re unable to walk your dog everyday.  Swimming – some dogs love to swim, and play time in the water is great exercise. Playing fetch or swimming with the human family are great ways to stay in shape.  Running, playing games like hide and seek, fetch games, balls and Frisbee are all great ways to help keep your dog healthy.

I have created a useful information page for Brighton Dog Walkers have a look and let me know whether it was useful in the comments and here is more general dog walker information.

Best Wishes, Paul  Brighton Dog Walker

Brighton dog walker